Your Thick Hair

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A hair that is thick and I believe that all people with thick hair at least know something. Well, having hair that is thick is a blessing. However, it comes with so many challenges. It appears that we all need what we do not have. And ladies who have thick hair are not exempted. We at all times state that we prefer that we did not have such kind of hair. Lately, I have found out about a different part. Women that have thin hair prefer that their hair was thick.

In this article, you will read a number of issues that ladies who have thin hair have issues with and I could not assist but believe that a number of them sound a bit useful to me.

I read an article on some of the things that women with thin hair struggle with, and I couldn’t help but think that some of them sounded pretty good to me.

Clean it each morning. Is this a joke?

You would never get any place at the right time. Except you really adopted that wet-look style.

The heated neck is something

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During summertime, and on conventional trains or even only in overly heated spaces.

Body temperature

I’m sure you believe it is the thick cover of hair that assists you to keep warm during winter. Who requires a shawl? Well, you got an inbuilt one.  

Hats may be complicated

Having a cap for graduation on, preventing any swimming cap ever created from jumping direct off the head. There is a lot of hair to match beneath there.

This hair makes you popular among your friends

Your friends can tell others by asking them if they have seen your hair and it is so brilliant. And your response is obvious, thanks, I grew this hair all by myself.

It makes flicking and swishing the hair just about somehow a dream

You got a lot of hair to flick that it is nearly like you are carrying it out in a slow motion

Other hairstylists, however, will not partake this view

The phrase you have a lot of hair can be stated in several ways and in several tones. Sassier hairdressers know all these and make use of them more often when washing your hair.

Hairdressers are among the three kinds

There are those who cringe in horror while you stroll to the door, those who view styling and cutting your hair as their special Everest and then the good ones who just have fun with your hair the entire day.

Hair blow drying is your life’s bane

Except if someone does this, then a huge rebound blow dry is the exact thing the hair was created for. Do not anticipate to sweat as two or three hairdryers blows you simultaneously.

Calculating the amount of conditioner or shampoo you need may be an error and trial procedure.

A petite amount will not cover the whole head but a quarter.

Now that you know, go on and brag.

Straighten Your Hair

I’m teaching swimming students about ensuring they look good after swimming. I’m looking to show them strengthening tips. I will be going to the market to buy a straightener. There is one thing all ladies with curly hair wish to do at some point and that is to keep locks. Whether your curly hair has a fine nature, it might seem to have lots of volumes owing to space increased to every strand.

Sometimes when you have curly hair it might be hard to tame such lovely and frustrating curls. I’m sure for locks lovers would never want to permanently do away with them. All they then need is a single straighter so they can get the straight hair everyone has.

This is where most people get confused because they don’t know which straightener they should buy for their hair. Hair straighteners come in different types and sizes. That is why you need to know exactly what you want before going to the market. Since I will be shopping for one this weekend, I want to share the tick I use to find the best. Read this article to the end to find out about the best hair straightener for curly hair.

Onepass 1 Inch Straightening Iron from BIO IONIC

Onepass 1 Inch from BIO IONIC

This is one exceptional hair straightener for your curls. It features a patented silicone rate bands in the plate that help to allow the users to style and straighten your hair in no time. The plates of this device are created of ceramic. Ceramic is popular for its gentleness on hair. This makes it suitable for your hair curls. This is because these ceramic dishes produce negative ions that lead to glossier and smoother polish. Additionally, the negative ions that are released help to deal with humidity which in return reverts all manipulation on your curly hair.

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There is a knob on the handle of that allows you to adjust heat to high temps so you can get the quality of straightening that you need. This straightener feature a 9-foot cable that rotates at three hundred sixty degrees. As a result, you can use the straightener in other areas especially in places that are not easy access.


  • It is easy to use
  • It helps you to reach areas that cannot be accessed thanks to the long cable
  • You can easily adjust the high temperature
  • It gives you a gloss and smooth finish
  • It straightens your air quickly


  • It does not come with an auto shut-off feature

HSI Professional Glider Hair Straightener

HSI Professional Glider

With its microsensors, this hair straightener has the ability to avoid impending hair damage. This is through the regulation of temperature and evenly distributing heat to ensure you need just a few passes on the hair. Apart from that, the one-inch plate width is roomy enough for any length of hair. The straightener also comes with an extra large argan oil treatment that can assist to smooth and shield the tresses. The straightener has flexible heat settings that offer you added control to help attain an ideal smooth and sleek appearance for every hair type.

Additionally, the glider features plates that are created with tourmaline crystal ceramic ion which help to make silk and shine finish. The device is of good size and thus it makes it suitable to carry along when traveling. This is among the most recommended hair straightener for curly hair.


  • It is user-friendly
  • The straightener allows you to adjust the temperature settings
  • It offers you additional control to assist you to reach an ideal smooth and sleek appearance for every hair type.
  • This hair straightener is portable and thus you can take it to wherever you want
  • It distributes heat evenly
  • The straightener is long lasting


  • Some users said that the straightener stopped working after a few days

Straightening hair at the salon can be expensive. That is why having a straightener is a good option. It is not only cheap but you get to straighten your hair wherever you want. All you need is to know your type of hair and follow the instructions. Can’t wait to buy my hair straightener and reduce the costs? Get the best hair straightener for curly hair now.

You Should Know This About Hair Straighteners

You Should Know This About Hair Straighteners

Today I want to talk about hair straighteners. After teaching the swimming trainees, I now think there are some things people should know about hair straighteners. When there are several material options, it is not easy to find the right straightener for the type of hair that you have.  If you desire stick-straight some knowledge about this would be beneficial.

Picking a flat iron may feel somehow like going back to a chemistry class in high school. Do you know what titanium is? Between ceramic and glass, which one is durable?

You don’t need a chemistry degree to pick the ideal flat iron. Some knowledge about the type, density, and texture is everything you need to check the guide about flat irons. Here is how to pick the right hair straightener.


Conair Mega Pro 1"

These types of irons are perpetual picks in salons and amid beauty enthusiasts. This is because of products made of ceramic conduct heat equally and smooths your hair shaft effectively.  Irons made of ceramic tend to warm up somehow slowly as compared to straighteners, there is you are in a rush, try a different option.

Apart from that, they are likely to become hot like titanium straighteners. In case you have unruly or coarse hair, this may not be a good choice for you. Otherwise, ceramic is the ideal combination of value and price.

Be cautious while buying cheaper irons. The ones that are ceramic covered dish are lowly priced. However, with time, the ceramic is probably wears off. This renders your hair at risk of metal plate burns.

Titanium straighteners


This is a good option for thick, coarse and curly hair due to how effectively it transfers heat. This kind of straighteners usually gets hotter as compared to the ceramic straighteners. However, unlike affordable metal plates, this one by titanium transfer heat uniformly.

This lessens the damage which an extremely hit straightener dish may trigger to the tresses. Since Titanium dishes usually get extremely hot, at all times make use of the lowest heat setting available.

Titanium appliances usually heat faster as compared to the other choices. This makes them suitable for busy lifestyles and fast touch-ups.

Tourmaline Flatteners

This is a gemstone that generates negatives balancing the positive ions which trigger waviness and frizz. There are tourmaline ions covered with ceramic. They are an exemption to the rule about keeping away from irons that are coated with ceramic. This is because tourmaline dishes are secure to utilize on the hair while the ceramic is worn out.

Tourmaline straighteners are suitable for fine and wavy textures. They warm up uniformly, strengthen quickly, and they shine evenly even the unruly flyways.

Metal and glass flat irons

It may appear like a fascinating idea having glass for a flattener especially if you are concerned about the damage hot flattening plates may cause. However, both metal and glass flat irons are usually of lower quality. Glass is not a good heat conductor and this leads to un-uniform and ineffectual straightening.